New England Legion of Mary

                              SENATUS RETREATS / PILGRIMAGES / DAY OF RECOLLECTION-2017

Mary's Peperpetual Virginity before birth, during birth and after the birth of Jesus (Pope Martin I at the Lateran Council, AD 649), symbolizes the Church in its intactness and totality of the  Faith as in Mary giving everything back to the Lord. The body is nuptial (wedding), to be perpetually the faithful bride of Christ, giving everything back to God as Mary does.The body was made to be nuptial, male and female, the woman to receive the man. The body is a gift from God, to express God's Love, body and soul, to return back to God.

What does Jesus thirst for? He has a thirst as a man, but He has a deeper thirst for man, so much so that He dies to save our eternal life, yet He gives us complete freedom to love Him or not.


Why Mary? What has she to do in my life? Everything. Without Mary Man has nothing: because Man will not receive Jesus Incarnate as his Redeemer and Brother.

                                                       Marian Theme: ‘The Holy Spirit Living in Mary’

                                                                                                                                                       June 2016

                                Program consisted of: Daily Mass, Holy Hour, Liturgy of the Hours, Rosary; Daily Sacrament
                                                  of Reconciliation at LaSalette Shrine /or given by Retreat Priest


Gospel by Celebrant, V. Rev. Beauregaard, FPO

                                                           SPRINGFIELD CURIA ANNUAL RETREAT: Sept. 24th, 2016

                                                                                                Spiritual Theme: 'The Faith of Mary' by Br. Osbaldo Mendez

                                                                                                                                            'The Mercy of Mary': by Rev. Jose Siesquen

                                                                                                                                            'The Year of Mercy by Deacon Angel Peres




First Reading contin'd

2) The second Marian Doctrine: Pope Pius XII declared the Assumption of Mary-Resurrection of Mary-raised by Jesus body and soul into Heaven.Jesus would never let her body suffer corruption.

Catholic Theology  has cohesion and Mary is that cohesion as she has lived 30 yrs with Jesus; she knows her Son,  having intimately experienced His Birth, Life and Death

Questions / discussions-the Angel of Fatima giving Communion, not the same as communion given by a priest . Only priests can consecrate, but not angels.

The body is essential for salvation. We are presently not in Heaven because the body is not in Heaven yet.

                              PILGRIMAGES, RETREATS AND MARIAN DEVOTIONS OF 2017

The Annual Retreat was attended by 60 Legionaries the Curia with their families and friends. Rev. Jose Siesquen was the Spiritual of the Retreat, assisted by Deacon Ly Cao of an attached Vietnamese Praesidium; Deacon Cao gave testimony of his time spent as a prisoner of war in Vietnam, because he bore witness to his Faith and to Mary as the Mother of Jesus.

An award was presented to Ramonita Nieves for her 47 years of faithful service to the Church as a member of the Legion of Mary.

Everyone who attended the Retreat was refreshed with joy, gratitude, and greater resolve in persevering as a Faithful Member of the Legion of Mary, serving the common good and reaching out and bringing the Light of Christ to all peoples as led by the Holy Spirit through Mary, by seeing Jesus and Mary in all they serve.


Experience the Thirst of Jesus at the foot of the Cross, brings us right at Calvary, hearing the 7 Last Words of Jesus, which will be read at meals during Retreat. Jesus marries human nature when He takes on human flesh. Man is created with an incarnate thirst for God. Our intellect feeds on Truth (God is Truth). Anyone who denies Mary denies the humanity of Jesus.

Conference and Pearls of Truth discovered along the Way of the Cross to be Pondered and Treasured: Most important for the Faithful is to enter into the mystery God, especially through the mystery of Mass and Eucharistic Life, the mystery of the Cross and Suffering, the Sacraments and Jesus in His Salvation Plan for us; fully submitting  to God's Will, living out the Lord's Gospel, becoming alive in the Joy of Jesus, Who is ever present in Scriptures and the Breaking of Bread, the Faith community; but our very weak human nature does not easily recognize Him. But through daily Holy Rosary asking for Mary's intercession, praying with Mary the Life of Jesus, and Mass, our awareness and attention to God increases.

Because Mary has a most unique relationship with Jesus in her Divine Motherhood, conferred on her because of her 'FIAT', which allowed God to Incarnate Jesus in her womb. Thus God has taken her humanity for Himself, making God visible in the flesh; coming to Man, in tragedy and poverty as to be born in a stable, lying in a trough for animal feed. Love, God Himself, deigned to come to us in the most humble state, completely emptied out, as a most vulnerable Newborn Babe. Our Lord came to speak to us (He is the Word); living and suffering among us, He fulfilled in Love His Passion, Death, Resurrection and Ascension for our Salvation.

     What Wondrous Love, humbled into such Littleness, Sure Boundless Mercy reaching out to us, totally entrusted to Mary to present Him to Man as Mary's Babe, our Savior, Lord and King, such Indescribable Love, despised by men throughout His Life, mostly unrecognized, because He came poor, (nowhere to lay His Head)  and vulnerable because He made Himself vulnerable, reaching out to ALL, ready to die for us for the cause of Truth! Let us join with Jesus when we experience rejection never ever to reject our rejection (Way of the Cross), but bear joyfully the insult which He bore.

Mary sustained by Grace (Full of Grace), shared the Lord's Crosses all through, from the Lord's Birth, fleeing with HIM as refugees, and arriving at the Foot of the Cross to witness in the depths of anguish, the Lord's Death. By way of her Cross she became Mother of the Church, by God's Will. Thus Mary's intercession is incomparably powerful indeed because of her Divine Motherhood, Queen Mother, and the Spouse of the Holy Spirit. She is specially given by Jesus on the Cross to be Our Very Own Mother, Mother of the Church for our Spiritual Life.  She accepted with Love what Jesus commissioned her, as  He hung on the Cross. So let us ALL invite her into our home as St. John the Beloved Apostle did.

In our extreme weakness we are like babies whom Mary Our Mother of Mercy caresses tenderly in her arms, perpetually and powerfully interceding for us, hushing away our fears (this is Mary's constant Loving Gaze on us), prompting us to give our hearts to Jesus in total trust as she did. By loving Mary she helps us see the True Face of Jesus, because she mirrors the True Face of Jesus, as her Immaculate Heart is the True Mirror of the  Most Sacred Heart. This is how Mary helps us truly love Jesus: discerning God's Will (we have True Faith when we like Mary say to God: 'Be it done unto me according to your Word', so that loving and trusting in Jesus, we say as Jesus did: 'Not my will but yours be done'). Thus with humble  and trusting hearts, Mary leads us with Great Confidence and Hope  to the Confessional, God's Tribunal of Infinite Mercy; she prompts us to receive eagerly the Body and Blood of Jesus  Our True Bread of Life. This is how Mary puts us into the outstretched arms of Jesus by her intercession, Who in His Infinite Love and Mercy, delights in forgiving us poor sinners, and with Holy Eucharist, as Our daily Bread, Jesus perfects us, inflaming our hearts into a deeper and deeper Trust and Love of God, growing in Humility to allow God to be Great in us, and progressing in Virtue, Purity and Strength and in Faith, Hope and Charity. In this way one begins to desire to possess the Inheritance God wants us so much to claim through his Son, enabling us to share more and more the Divine Life of God. Thus persevering in God's Will, we become faithful and fruitful, arriving at Union with Him, like Mary, in Heavenly Glory in Eternal Life. This is the new Creation Jesus accomplished, when He came as a Bridegroom to us at His Birth, Suffered and Died and Rose again and brought our humanity to Heaven when He ascended to Heaven, to the great delight of His Holy Angels.

To remain  with only an intellectual knowledge of God is to be spiritually stunted, and  one will not become the new man in Our Risen Lord. So let us go forward confidently in God, to become this new man by resolutely living out the Life of Jesus, as Mary showed us: 'It is not I who live, but Christ Lives in me', when we arrive in Union with Jesus Our Redeemer.


                                                                                       JUNE 23RD-JUNE 25TH, 2017

                                                                    RETREAT MASTER: VERY REV. ANDREW BEAUREGAARD, FPO:


RETREAT PROGRAM:  Daily Mass, Liturgy of the Hours, conferences, Adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament, Legionary Prayers and Holy Rosary, Reading of the 7 Last Words of Jesus at meals, daily Sacrament of Reconciliation.




                                                                           APPARITIONS IN FATIMA, PORTUGAL IN 1917



After Mass Holy Rosary was prayed, followed by a talk of the Apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima to 3 Young Seers- Lucy Dos Santos-10 yrs old, Francisco Marto-9 yrs. old, and Jacinta Marto-7 yrs. old. Both Francisco and Jacinta were canonized at Our Lady of Fatima Shrine in Portugal, by Pope Francis, on the Centenary Feast Day of Our Lady of Fatima, making them the youngest Saints of Holy Mother Church.


Second Reading

Reflections on Marian Theme, among Legionary Retreat Participants, together with Rev.Michael Sheehan emphasized True Mission of Mary in the Holy Spirit is to inspire Catholics to live the Divine Life of Jesus. If we live the Mystical School of Mary immersed in the sacramental life of the Church: daily Holy Rosary to daily Mass, Holy hour, study of Scripture, regular confession,  we will fulfill God's Holy Will in our station in life, and in fulfilling the Charism of  Holy Orders or Religious Organizations, and thus arrive at the goal of becoming a Saint. All the Saints, including St. Francis of Assisi, and in our present time Pope Francis have faithfully modeled after the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Holy Spirit only sees us when He sees Mary in us; Jesus sees us when He sees Mary in us.When we have Mary in us the people we serve will see Jesus in us.


                          Boston Regional Senatus

Mass: Nativity of St. John the Baptist

Marian Doctrines: 1) The Immaculate Conception; 2) The Perpetual Virginity of Mary; 3) Theotokos, Mother of God / God bearer; and 4) the Assumption. These Marian Doctrines are non-negotiable, because they are central to the Catholic Faith.


(September 2015) 
Members of New Haven Comitium, and Hartford Comitium,  made their Annual Pilgrimage to Our Lady of  Lourdes Shrine 

                                                                                              Litchfield, Connecticut, USA

                                                                                     Past Annual Retreat (2016) of Boston Senatus


Mass: First Reading by Br. Patrick Murphy, Legion of Mary Member

Attributes of man's body: the body is a gift; it is nuptial, it is fruitful and it is essential.

Declaration of Marian Doctrines: the Immaculate Conception-Pope Pius IX-1854; Assumption of Mary-Pope Pius II-1950; Perpetual Virginity-Pope Martin I at Church Council-649; Theotokos-Council of Ephesus.

The Immaculate Conception is a gift from God as an act of Mercy, first given to Mary.

                                                                                                                SPIRITUAL DIRECTOR: REV. JAMES SULLIVAN

                                                                   CONFERENCE THEME OF PILGRIMAGE: MARY ARK OF THE COVENANT

Mary was the Ark of the Covenant because she bore the Son of God to be Our Redeemer by the power of the Holy Spirit. Opening Legion prayers, Holy Rosary, Catena and Closing Legion Prayers were prayed. The Pilgrimage greatly renewed the Spirit of Comitia members of the Legion of Mary of Connecticut. They were very thankful to Fr. Sullivan for being their Spiritual Director for their Pilgrimage.

                          Retreat Master: Rev. Michael Sheehan, Franciscan Priest of Primitive Observance


                       (Our Lady of LaSalette/ Our Lady of Reconciliation, Feast Day on Sept. 16th:

                                                                                      Her message is: 'Make Me Known')

                                 LEGION OF MARY BOSTON SENATUS ANNUAL RETREAT: JUNE 25-28, 2015
                                                                                     LaSalette Retreat Center,Attleboro, MA

                                      Retreat Master: REV. JOSEPH MEDIO, Franciscan Priest of Primitive Observance

                                                                      Marian Theme: ‘Mary, Ark of the Covenant’
                            Program consisted of: Daily Mass, Holy Hour, Liturgy of the Hours, Rosary; Daily Sacrament

                                                           of  Reconciliation at LaSalette Shrine /or given by Retreat Priest

Members of Legion of Mary attended with their family and friends. Fr. Joseph Medio gave an enlightening teaching on Mary, Ark of the Covenant.

Pearls from Fr. Joseph's teaching together with reflections from some attendees of the Retreat:

Discussions began with the old Testament Ark that God instructed Moses to build. It was built of acacia wood which resisted decay. In the Ark were two tablets of God's Commandments: the first commands Love of God; the second Love of neighbor; the manna (prefigured Jesus the Living Bread come down from Heaven) and the rod of Aaron which budded symbolized fruitfulness of the Priesthood. The old Testament Ark prefigured Mary as the incorrupt Ark of the New Covenant, as willed by God, So the Ark of the New Covenant is a person, Mary, the new Eve prepared to bring the New Adam to the world.

    By Mary's 'Fiat' the Son of God, The Word who was from the beginning, Mighty God, took on her flesh in her womb, by the power of the Holy Spirit, and  became a human being, becoming our brother, Emanuel (Infinite Love and Eternal Life). Her 'Fiat' was a Perpetual 'YES' to God's will throughout her life unto eternity. By Mary's 'Fiat', she bore and gave birth to God Our Savior, presenting Him to the world to restore us for God. Thus God has exalted humanity by the Incarnation; the Word made flesh.

    Our Lord Jesus has consecrated Mary in the fullness of the Holy Spirit to us. So she also has consecrated herself to us by being Our Mother and the Holy Spirit through her inspires us to live out Mary's virtues, our light. Mary is in perfect union with God. By this union with God, her will is God's will: so we should be attentive to her words of wisdom. At the Wedding Feast  at Cana, moved by great compassion, she told Jesus 'there is no wine'. She trusted that her Son would respond to what she asked of Him in love, even as Jesus asked her: 'what is this to you; my hour has not yet come'. At that she understood Jesus' desire for her to participate in beginning His Public Mission with Him; at that moment Mary gave Jesus her 'second Fiat', actually a continuation of her perpetual Fiat, (this is to emphasize another prominent way-point in her life's mission) to begin for Him His Public Ministry with Him, through Him and in Him.

  So with her assent she commanded the servants:  'Do as He say'. This counsel should echo continuously  in the hearts of All Baptized, inspiring them to  live the  life of Jesus Christ, thus becoming True Disciples of the Lord Jesus, who is not only a Person but who is Mighty God, Wonder Counselor, God Hero, Prince of Peace,  and wellspring of Ineffable Love. When Jesus says 'Come follow me', He is inviting us to become like Him, by living out daily His teachings . This was the path Mary embraced with perfect trust, eventually leading her to stand at the foot of the Cross at Calvary. She has thus become our Guiding Star and Model.

    Her Pre-eminent Virtues are: Constancy (prayer, absolute trust in God, giving whole heart and mind,  and soul, to the will of God); total Detachment from all influences / relationships opposed to God's will. She stood at the foot of the Cross of Jesus, glorifying God in total submission to God's will with love, strength, endurance, and  courage,  with complete detachment from the world, in union with the Passion and Glory of her Son Jesus on His Cross, enduring indescribable anguish. At the foot of the Cross Jesus gave her to be Our Mother. At that moment Mary gave the Lord her 'third Fiat', (a third prominent way-point emphasized here), when she accepted her Lord's invitation to be the Mother of Grace; Mother of the Church, for humanity. After the Assumption of Mary, humanity has a Mother in Heaven, Our Mother of Salvation, perpetually interceding for us. She  gave great attentiveness to Interior Life, co-operating with God as the Holy Spirit fills her soul with Wisdom, Confidence, Holiness, Obedience, Patience, Angelic Sweetness.

    All our offerings are stained to varying degrees, so if we go to Jesus directly, all our offerings are many thorns to Him (He will still accept our thorns no matter how sharp), but if we offer them through Mary, she lessens the sharpness of the thorns, making them beautifully delightful for presentation to Jesus. Mary never fails to bring us to a True and Loving Relationship with Jesus, (this is her only mission: she draws no attention to herself):  so with complete trust in her, we consecrate ourselves to Mary: ' Totus Tuo, Mary My Queen, my Mother'.

All who attended the Retreat were greatly renewed in their Faith, with a deepened understanding of Legionary commitment to True Devotion  to Mary, based on 'Treatise of True Devotion to Mary', written by St. Louise Marie De Montfort, 150 anniversary-2016.


 ANNUAL SENATUS RETREAT: June 16-19th 2014 at Retreat Center, LaSalette Shrine, Attleboro, Massachusetts, USA. Retreat Master was Rev. Michael Sheehan, FPO (Franciscan Priest of Primitive Observance). Spiritual Theme:'Mary, Handmaid of God'. Retreat Program: daily Liturgy of the Hours (morning, noon, evening, and night prayers), Mass, three conferences every day, Legion Prayers and Holy Rosary, Holy Hour, Angelus, Sacrament of Reconciliation. Brown scapulars were blessed and distributed to attending legionaries, their relatives and friends. All attendees received great blessings of joy and deepened faith from the Retreat