Mass: Fr. Robert Baily, Celebrant

Holy Communion

Reverend Fr. Jonathan Gaspar, Pastor of St. Mary of the Assumption Parish, Consecrating himself to Mary

     Final           Blessing


                                                                            Conference II and Stations of the Cross by Rev. Francis Signorelli

Exposition of The Most Blessed Sacrament

Spreading the Word, Faith and Prolife

Mary's Legion: Lead Speaker: Sr. Sylvia Mary Yuet Ooi, MD. By the Divine Order of Mercy, Mary lifts the soul up to God; then only can good works proceed: 'Duties of Legionaries towards Mary.'

Lead Talk: Sr. (Miss) Marie Mars, President Bayview Curia-Love: God is Love. When we love we have God


7 elements of Kerygma


 Glorious Mystery prayed in French and 5th in Spanish

God's loving Mercy

All Families must pray and worship together


Left to right: Rev. Joel Grissom, SM, Spiritual Dorector, Boston Regional Senatus; Most Rev. Bishop Francis X. Roque, DD; Sr. (Dr) Sylvia Mary Yuet Ooi, MD, President, Boston Regional Senatus; Br.(Mr.) Raymond Mulrooney, Visiting Officer from Concilium Council, Ireland; Br. (Mr) Seamus Rickard, Visiting Officer from Concilium Council, Ireland; Br. (Mr.)William Capplis, Senatus Treasurer; and Sr.(Mrs.) Dorothy Wiencis, Senatus Secretary.

 New England Legion of Mary

Discussion led by Sr. (Mrs.) Dorothy Wencies, Secretary, Providence Comitium

Tantum Ergo Hymn

Junior Praesidium, 8-17 yr. old members


Discussion / sharing: Fraternal  Love and practice of Prompt Forgiveness

Sr.(Mrs) Mary O'Connor, Vice President, Bayview Curia; Concilium Visitor Maureen MacManus; Sr. (Mrs)) Dorothy Wiencis, Secretary, Boston Senatu; Sr. (Mrs) Mary Dong Tran, Treasurer, Boston Senatus; visitor Christine Coakley; Sr. (Dr.) Sylvia Mary Yuet Ooi; Sr. (Mrs) Mary Haley.

Renewing Promise by each Member

Reading taken fromfrom Legion Handbook

 Excerpts from DVD on            Evangelization

Mass by Rev. Joseph Matteucig at Fatima  Shrine                       

His Eminencewith Legionary Robert Frazer of St. Joseph Parish, Medford


Members filed in line to Renew Legion Promise individually

Discussion cont'd: Ways in which Mary touched lives

Be concrete-do as He tells you

Legion of Mary must be an army ready for mission

Believe in the Gospel

                                                                                                   ( Northeastern Chapter of Legion of Mary of America )

Opening Prayers of Conference I

Lead Talk: Youth Recruitment; formation of Youth Praesidium

Prayer for beatification of Servant of God, Francis Duff

Srs. Christine, Sylvia and Maureen infront of Holy Door of Cathedral of the Holy Cross, May 14th, 2016.

Rev. J. Furey CSsR, Led Opening Legion Prayers

Left to right: Sr.(Dr) Sylvia Mary Yuet Ooi, MD, Senatus President; Br. Raymond Mulrooney, Visiting Officer from Concilium Council, Ireland; Sr. Ana Pires, Secretary, Portuguese Curia of Our Lady of the Sacred Family; and Br. Seamus Rickard, Visiting Officer from Concilium Council, Ireland. 

Evangelization talk by Deacon continues

                                                                                               Program of Talks and Discussions of Congress

All men are saved through Christ's death

Concluding Legion Prayers

Overview on Congress by President Alice Dabney, Providence Comitium: 

As any good legionary will tell you that when God invites you to undertake a task he also gives you the grace to carry it out.
The following are excerpts from Allocutios from Fr. Bede McGregor OP.  Spiritual Director of Concilium
“After many years of studying Brother Frank Duff’s writings and talks, I have come to the conclusion that the Eucharist was the most important reality in his life. It was absolutely central to his personal existence”.
The following is part of an address given by Mr. Frank Duff in New York, during his visit to the U.S.A. on the occasion of his reception of the Annual Marianist Award, 1956 from the University of Dayton, Ohio.
Brother Duff states: “Everyone must pour himself into another soul! I suggest that no Catholic should be accounted safe unless you have some evidence that real faith reigns in his heart, and you should not take things for granted. You should not assume the existence of an efficient working faith until you have reason to believe that it is there. Seek out and talk to every soul!’
Fr. Bede McGregor OP continues: “Christ Acts Through His Body. The Mystical Body began when the Second Divine Person came among us. To live our life, He took flesh in the Virgin's womb and was born as a baby; and the body that He took on was God's instrument. The Second Divine Person carried out His mission through it, and although that Person Jesus Christ, was God, He conformed to the limitations of that body.
His Life on earth was not something existing for that time alone. It was intended to be followed by a new and bigger life, a more influential life, in a new body. The Mystical Body, lives like the original one, almost as if Our Lord had continued growing after His death. As a very distinguished Nuncio recently declared to us, we are His mouth, His eyes, His ears, His hands, His feet; and He has no other. We are His means of action. If we give ourselves to Him, He can carry on His mission in our days. Christ acts through us. Christ needs our action.
We must realize our responsibility in the light of the doctrine of the Mystical Body which means that the Lord depends on us. We must be active. We must lend ourselves to the Lord and His Mother in faith and in conscious practice of that doctrine. We must act with the deliberate intention of giving Him to people. We must open our mouths and talk in the belief that He will in His own fashion utilize those poor words of ours as the bearers of His message of salvation. We must help preach the Gospel to every creature, reaching out to every soul.

 “Mary is the privileged instrument of the Holy Spirit. The story of the Eucharist begins in her: ‘and the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us.’ She is the mother of Jesus in time and eternity and Jesus is always the fruit of her womb and this includes Jesus in the Eucharist. There would be no Eucharist if Mary had not consented to the will and plan of God for the redemption of the world. God could of course have done something different but He chose Mary as an essential part of all his plans. She is the Mother of the Word and in a certain sense she is a living Bible because she kept all the words and deeds of Jesus in her heart where she treasured and pondered over them and above all lived them. We see the link between the Eucharist and Evangelization in Mary. In more recent papal teaching the various popes bring out this connection by calling Mary the Woman of the Eucharist and the Star of Evangelization.”
The whole world needs this Christ of the Eucharist. There is hope for the greatest sinner!
Does Mary approach souls? The answer to that question provides a blueprint for the whole Legion Apostolate or what we call more often today, Evangelization. First and foremost, Mary is totally focused on Jesus. Her role is to bring Jesus into the world, to bring Jesus into the center of every human life. In union with Mary that is also the goal of all Legion activity - the purpose of Evangelization. Mary's approach to souls is maternal.
Mothers do not deal in abstractions, they deal with each individual child, and they deal with persons in intimate personal contact. That is pre-eminently the case with Mary, the Mother of the Church and of all mankind. It is also the nature of a true mother that all her actions spring from her heart and she can wish for nothing else but the good of the child, especially its eternal good. It is also supremely important that a mother never gives up on her child no matter what the circumstances may be. The Legion seeks to share in Mary's maternity of souls and therefore seeks to bring all the characteristics of Mary's approach to souls. It is a magnificent ideal that our Founder puts before the Legion and we need to keep going back to it for inspiration and guidance. The salvation of souls is the most sublime work of mercy.
 There can be no true Evangelization without Mary. Recent Popes have called Our Lady the 'Star of Evangelization'. She throws light on the very nature of Evangelization and she accompanies every form and activity of Evangelization and apostolate.
We will finalize this overview with a thought from Pope Francis.
Pope Francis in a recent homily reminded us to persevere in living the Gospel
He said we should not stay locked inside, but must “go out, to encounter, to take care of, to throw the leaven of the Gospel in the pasta of society, above all where there is most need, where the Gospel is awaited and invoked: in poverty, in suffering, in trials”
Our Blessed Mother will always accompany us as we evangelize and strive to bring her Son, Jesus to every soul in service to the Church and to society.
Alice Dabney, O.P., President
Providence Comitium – Rhode Island USA

Very Reverend Kevin O'Leary, VF,  Pastor, Cathedral of the Holy Cross, welcomed Members of Legion of Mary, before the start of Boston Senatus Officers meeting in Lower Sacristy side room, May 14th, 2016.

Photos: I-Lt. to Rt.: Visitor, Sr. (Mrs.) Christine Coakley, President of Philadelphia Senatus, Very Rev. Kevin O'Leary, VP, and Sr. (Ms.)Maureen MacManus, Concilium Assist. Secretary-Correspondent of Boston Regional Senatus (Boston Senatus);

II-Lt. to Rt.: II-Sr. Christine, Very Rev. K. O'Leary, Sr (Dr.) Sylvia Mary Yuet Ooi, MD, President, Boston Senatus, and Sr. Maureen MacManus.

III. Lt. to Rt.: Sr. Christine, Very Rev. K. O'Leary, VF, Sr. (Mrs.) Milly Mutebi, Assist. Secretary, Boston Senatus; and Sr. Maureen

                                                          DAY OF RECOLLECTION, OCTOBER 25th, 2015

                                                                            FATIMA SHRINE, 101 Summer St., HOLLISTON, MA, USA

                                                             SPIRITUAL DIRECTOR: REV. JOSEPH MATTEUCIG, XAVERIAN MISSIONARIES

                                                                             SPIRITUAL THEME: MARY OUR QUEEN AND MOTHER

Mission in Brazil contin'd


Welcome: Opening Legion Prayers and Holy Rosary


​9.30 AM: So the Soul according to the Divinely established order cannot without Mary lift itself  to God or do God's work-Legion Handbook, Ch. ​6, #1-Duty of Legionaries towards Mary: Lead Speaker-Sr. Sylvia Mary Yuet Ooi, MD, President, Boston Regional Senatus. 

9.50 AM: Mary's Humility worthy of Blessing because she was obedient to God-'Here I am, the servant of the Lord' Handbook, Ch. 6, #2- 'Mary's Humility is both the Root and Instrument of Legion Action': Lead Speaker-Sr. Huguette Theodore, President, Mystic Valley Curia.

10.10AM: Spiritual Director:  will seek to develop their Spiritual Outlook and elicit in them acts and qualities proper to a Legion of Mary-Handbook Ch. 34, #1. Lead Speaker: Reverend Fr. John Furey, CSsR, Spiritual Director. Boston Regional senatus

10.30 AM: Cataena Legionis.

Corporeal works of Mercy

                                                                 OTHER VALUABLE ANNUAL SPIRITUAL EVENTS OF 2015

Opening Prayers and Holy Rosary led by Fr. Raymond Luft

Stations of the Cross

Calming patients awaiting surgery with prayers of Holy Rosary

Exposition of Most Blessed Sacrament

Works of Legion of Mary are heroic works

    The Acies Celebration was presided by Reverend John Furey, CSsR, Spiritual Director of Boston Regional Senatus. He led opening Legion Prayers and Holy Rosary; he gave a homily, and thereafter followed by renewal of Legion Promise to Mary, Queen and Mother of the Legion.  Members waited in line to renew their Promise. His Eminence Cardinal Sean P. O'Malley, Cap., OFM, Archbishop of Boston also renewed his Legion Promise. He has been a member of Legion of Mary since his youth and has persevered to the present time, now as an Adjutorian. then there was a general renewal of the Legion Promise read out by Reverend Furey. The Most Blessed Sacrament was exposed.

   Hymns were sung by Cantor Mr. Timothy Macri of Mission Church; music was provided throughout by musician Mr. Laurence Carson.

Concluding prayers were prayed and prayer for beatification of Br. Frank Duff was prayed and Acies concluded.

​    Members and Guests attended a reception,  bonding with great joy and gratitude in the Holy Spirit in Mary Queen and Mother of the Legion of Mary.

Cataena prayer

Rev. John Furey, CSsR, Spiritual Director of Legion of Mary Boston Regional Senatus presided at the ACIES. He led opening Legion prayers, Holy Rosary, Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary, in the Holy Spirit, Exposition of the Most Blessed Sacrament, with hymns accompanying the entire event. A reception followed to foster fraternal love in the Spirit of the Legion of Mary, as inspired by the Holy Spirit in Mary.

His Eminence

with Vietnamese Legionary and Auxiliary of Our Lady of LaVang  Curia





                                                                                      PENTECOST SUNDAY, MAY 15th, 2016

                                                                             2018 LEGION OF MARY SENATUS EVENTS

Fruits of Legion of Mary

​​​​​                                                                                                            ​                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

St. Francis' Peace Prayer;  concluding Legion Prayer recited

                Conference: The Mercy of God

His Eminence

with Spanish Praesidium Mother of Perpetual Help, Mission Church, Boston

Sharing cont'd

Holy Rosary in different languages

Prayer: Beatification of Founder Frank Duff

His Eminence with Legionaries of Praesidium of Our Lady of China, St. James, Boston

      Conference I: MARY'S FIAT:

          What is your Fiat to God?

​​                                                                     ​   Boston Regional Senatus

                                                                                        DAY OF RECOLLECTION: September 10th, 2016

                                                                                              FATIMA SHRINE, 101 Summer St., Holliston, MA, USA

                                                                 SPIRITUAL DIRECTOR: REV. TONINO SENNA, XAVERIAN MISSIONARIES


PROGRAM: Mass, Conference I, Stations of the Cross, Legion Prayers, Holy Rosary, Lunch break, Conference II, Exposition and adoration of Most Blessed Sacrament, with ongoing Sacrament of Reconciliation, to close  event.

The Day of Recollection started with Holy Mass in the main Chapel of Fatima Shrine.
The event was very well attended by 120 members of Legion of Mary, family and friends of Boston Senatus. The people were filled with the Holy  Spirit. First Conference after Mass: Rev. Tonino Senna gave very inspiring teachings on Mary, perfect model willed by God to lead us to Our Redeemer Jesus Christ. The conference focused on God's Loving Mercy, by sending His Son to be our Redeemer, Emmanuel, God is with us, and as a brother to embrace our humanity, and give us a share in His Divine Life. The Sinless One has totally emptied out in awesome humility, to suffer and die to save us sinners, by conquering death and restore believers for God's Kingdom. All this He has done not because we have loved Him, but He has first loved us. We must ask ourselves daily; 'How can I be merciful today and fulfill God's will?'
Wonderful reflections gathered from the Day of Recollection: Mary is the Mother of Jesus who in His ineffable Loving Mercy on the Cross gave Mary at the foot of the Cross, to be the Spiritual Mother of mankind, and she became Our Mother of Mercy. We owe her our loving devotion, giving her our total trust, because her Mission is to reclaim wayward children for God in Jesus. Fr. Tonino shared with us his conversion story: a mighty miracle happened to him: in his early youth Fr. Tonino was a an atheist and a communist sympathizer; one day without knowing why, he attended a Catholic Church meeting, and became drawn to those meetings. After that to make the story short he was converted and was baptized and eventually became a priest, who has directed our Senatus Day of Recollection. This is certainly the most beautiful story of his life shared with us, bearing great witness to the Glory of God's Most Merciful Love, inspiring us all to believe that Faithful Catholics are great instruments in bringing souls to God: Christian friendship is an effective way of evangelization. We do our part faithfully, and God Mighty God does the Conversion.

Program:Mass, Conference I, Holy Rosary, lunch break, Conference II, Stations of the Cross, Holy Hour, Confession, Benediction

Group Consecration

Loyalty and True Devotion to Mary produce Loyal Soldiers of Mary's Legion



Discussion / sharing: Rosary in nursing homes; other residents inspired by prayers around them.

Cataena Legionis

Discussion / sharing: Humility is the fruit of Love. No Love no humility; so we have nothing 


Homily by Fr. Robert Bailey

Gems gathered from the conferences: God's great Mercy has blessed us with the Centenary year 2017, of the Apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima. Why did she appear to children? Because Children are wonderful innocent witnesses and will surely tell what they saw; adults perhaps may not do it, our of a certain fear and not certain whether they would be believed. Our Lady as Our Mother continuously intercedes to her Son Jesus, when we run to her for help, obtaining for us the most secure and loving protection from Jesus. This is why she is  called Our Refuge and Our Hope. She wakes us up to the loving presence of Jesus, who is Love and Peace beyond understanding.

Our Lady at Fatima asked very much from the child seers- Lucia Dos Santos, 9 years old; Francisco Marto 7 years old; Jacinta Marto, 6 years old: pray Rosary, do penance and fast for sinner; remember they were  very young children. They immediately entrusted themselves to Mary,  giving their 'Fiat' to her and two of them became the youngest Saints, receiving from God Eternal Glory at a very young age. So let us All promptly give with joy,  our personal 'Fiat' to Mary who will bring us to the foot of the Cross of Jesus. This is the Message of Fatima to the world: Prayer, Repentance, Love of neighbor as ourselves, by making amends to God for ourselves and for sinners. Let us All embrace Our Lady of Fatima in this centenary year, renewing our resolution to be perpetually  consecrated to Mary and with the hope of  arriving at union with Jesus and truly rest in Jesus Our Lord in Eternal Glory.

Talk on Kerygma by Deacon Bartolo

Recessional Hymn


                                                      ASSUMPTION  PARISH, BROOKLINE, MA 02445


Discussion / sharing: Try have priest visit and give confession to Chinese Catholics who  have not been given time off  to attend Saturday Vigil /or Sunday Mass; gather at an appointed house or yard at lunch hour to celebrate Mass with Priest

Members of Legion of Mary Boston Senatus (Actives and Auxiliaries) gather once a year to renew individually in the Holy Spirit their Legion promise : O Mary, my Queen, my Mother All I have is yours'. The Acies was Presided by the Spiritual Director: Reverend Fr. John Furey, CSsR. After the Entrance Hymn, Fr. Furey led with Opening Legion Prayers of the Legion of Mary Tessera, followed by recitation of the Living Holy Rosary: the 5 Glorious Mysteries which were prayed in English, Chinese, Spanish. Following Homily  by Fr. Fury, Actives lined up to give their individual Legion Promise, (starting in this order: Priests, Deacons, the President and Officers and the Body of Senatus).  After the individual Promise, a Group Consecration prayer was recited; then the Most Blessed Sacrament was exposed, with Divine Praises and Blessing of the people. Concluding Prayers were prayed and Prayer for Beatification of Br. Francis Duff (who founded Legion of Mary in Ireland 98 years ago, on September 7th, 1921). Recessional Pryers were sung and ended the Acies prayer ceremony. A reception followed and Members were greatly Blessed with renewed vigor and zeal by the Holy Spirit through Mary. Excerpts of the Event are presented in U-Tube.

Discussion /Sharing-  love includes  helping others in solving problems

                                   BOSTON REGIONAL SENATUS  DAY OF RECOLLECTION: September 9th,2017

                                                                FATIMA SHRINE, 101 Summer St., Holliston, MA

Conclusion of Holy Rosary

Program of talks on Evangelization begins with Deacon Armand Bartolo and continues

Divine Praises 

Stations of the Cross


what would Jesus do in our daily lives

Homily by Rev. Fr. Furey.

Homily by  Rev. J. Furey

                                                           SPIRITUAL THEME: MARY, REFUGE AND HOPE OF SINNERS

2nd and 3rd Glorious Mystery prayed in Chinese; 3rd mystery in French

                                                                           BOSTON REGIONAL SENATUS EVENTS OF 2016

Message by His Eminence Cardinal Sean P. O'Malley, OFM, Cap

completed with Blessing of Boston Senatus



Love shown wth concrete action


SESSION II: Lead Talks-1. Love one another; 2.The Greatest Virtue is Charity;  3.The Fruit of Loyalty; Discussions / Sharing

Mass At Fatima Shrine

                                                      LEGION OF MARY BOSTON SENATUS ANNUAL ACIES

                                                           CATHEDRAL OF THE  HOLY CROSS, MARCH 13th, 2016


Stations of the Cross


​                                                 TOPIC: EVANGELIZATION BY ACTIVE MEMBERS OF LEGION OF MARY


8.40 am: Opening Legion Prayers and Holy Rosary led by Fr. Raymond Luft, Spiritual Director of Providence Comitium

9 am:       Mass by Fr. Robert Bailey, Celebrant

9.45 am: Continental Breakfast provided by Our Lady of Fatima Church

10.15 am: Overview of Congress by Mrs. Alice Dabney, President of Providence Comitium

                     Deacon Armand Bartolo: Talk on Evangelization, Discussion

​                     DVD Presentation on Evangelization

​                     Questions, Answers and Discussions

11.45 am: 10 minute Break

​                     Cataena Legionis by Fr. Raymond Luft

12 Noon: Angelus

                    Lunch (bag lunch), refreshments provided by Providence Comitium

 12.45 pm: Letter from Fr. Michael Kelly, Pastor of St. Agatha/Precious Blood Church 

                      Talk by Active Legionaries who have  done Parish Census Evangelization

                      Questions, Answers and Discussion

                      Talk by Active Legionaries who have done Home visits Evangelization

​                       Questions, Answers and Discussion

                       Talk by Active Legionaries who have done door to House to House Evangelization on Assigned Streets

​                       Questions, Answers and Discussion

                       Summary and Follow-up by President Dabney: Date of Exploratio Dominicalis: Saturday, June 9th, 2018

                       Closing Prayers and final Blessing by Fr. Raymonf Luft

                      Prayer to the Servant of God, Frank Duff

Legionaries wait in line to renew  Promise to Mary Queen and Mother of Legion of Mary 

PROGRAM: Mass, Conference I, Stations of the Cross, Legion Prayers, Holy Rosary, Lunch break, Conference II, Exposition and adoration of Most Blessed Sacrament, with ongoing Sacrament of Reconciliation, to close  event.

The Day of Recollection started with Holy Mass in the main Chapel of Fatima Shrine.
The event was very well attended by members of Legion of Mary, family and friends of Boston Senatus. The people were filled with the Holy  Spirit. First Conference: Rev. Matteucig gave very inspiring teachings on Mary, Queen and Mother:

Pearls gathered from the Day of Recollection:

Rev. Mattuecig began with the first conference  teaching Mary's Fiat. Subsequent prayers proceeded with the Stations of the Cross on the grounds of the Shrine followed the first conference; then Holy Rosary was prayed with elderly in the conference hall, led by Rev. Brauleu Roger Pereias, CSsR, and the rest  prayed on the grounds of shrine.

Thereafter, the  Second Conference resumed; the discussion focused on God's Mercy as witnessed by Mary, Our Mother of Mercy. We best access God's Mercy in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and very wise to practice it regularly and fervently. Lunch break was followed by the exposition of the Most Blessed Sacrament for adoration. During this time the Sacrament of Reconciliation was provided. The day ended thereafter at 4.30 PM. The people were renewed with greater love for Mary and more authentic commitment to Our Lord Jesus Christ in Mary, our Queen and Mather.  They were filled with deep gratitude and great joy over God's Blessings showered on us ALL.


Br. Limbo III led Holy Rosary: the Glorious Mysteries in Vietnamese, followed by 2nd mystery in Chinese

Lead Speaker: Sr. (Mrs.)Theodore Huguette: Mary's Humility: Most Worthy of Blessing as it led to Obedience to God

Be not afraid; Pray, Persevere in Faith, Hope and Love with Mary  Our Mother

Challenging work by Hispanic Legionaries: visit Hospice. Discussion / sharing

                                                                                               IMPORTANT EVENTS OF 2019

May 15th, 2014

Br. Raymond Mulroony, and Br. Seamus Rickard, from Ireland, visited the Boston Regional Senatus on May 15th, 2014. The meeting was in Lower Sacristy, Cathedral of the Holy Cross, Boston. The meeting went very well and all were edified by the helpful exchanges and advice.

        ANNUAL LEGION OF MARY BOSTON SENATUS ACIES, SUNDAY MARCH 24TH, 2019, ST. MARY                                                                   OF THE ASSUMPTION CHURCH, BROOKLINE, MA

Homily cont'd


1. His Eminence Cardinal O'Malley Cap. OFM, after renewing his Legion Promise to Mary: Left to Right (L-R): President, Sr. Sylvia Mary Ooi, MD;  Spiritual Director, Rev. J. Furey, CSsR and Legionary Br. (Mr. ) R. Fraser

2. His Eminence with Senatus Officers-L-R: Secretary Sr. (Mrs.) D. Wiencis; Treasurer Sr. (Mrs.) Mary Dong, and Sr. Sylvia Mary  Ooi, MD

3. President renewing Legion Promise

         Holy Communion

Gospel by Deacon Armand Bartolo.

Parishes have need for the Legion of Mary in its pastoral ministry, bringing  back lapsed Catholics and converting newcomer by making Jesus known.

His Eminence obliged with a photo of him after he renewed his Legion Promise

Lt. to Rt.: Sr. (Dr.) Sylvia Mary Ooi; Rev. James Doran, OMV, Rector, St. Francis Chapel, Prudential, Boston, also past Spiritual Director of Boston Senatus; Sr Maureen MacManus, Concilium visitor; Sr. (Mrs.) Christine Coakley, companion visitor accompanying Sr. Macanus; and David Cody, Vice President, Sancta Maria Praesidium, Cathedral of the Holy Cross.

Members of Boston Regional Senatus were very blessed by the visit of Concilium Officer and  Correspondent of Boston Senatus, and  Correspondent Maureen MacManus, together with Sr. Christine Coakley of Philadelphia Senatus. It was Divine Providence Who gave Senatus this grace. The visit was very joyful, filled with understanding and eager exchange of information/reports mutually beneficial. There was enthusiatic learning on both sides.  It was evident that The Holy Spirit in Mary was the Great Helper present for All, and we were filled with Joy, Gratitude, Fraternal Love and Unity. Heartful thanks to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Mother and Queen of the Legion

Be strong behind the Church when in Crisis


Rev. John Furey, CSsR, Boston Senatus; Sr. (Dr.) Sylvia Mary Yuet Ooi, MD, President, Boston Regional Senatus, His Eminence Cardinal Sean Patrick O'Malley, Cap. OFM, Archbishop, Archdiocese of Boston., (he is Member of Legion of Mary, from youth till present, as Adjutorian); Visitor Sr. (Mrs) Catherine Coakley, President of Philadelphia Senatus and Visitor Maureen MacManus, Concilium Asst. Secretary, and Correspondent of Boston Senatus. (Photos-Lt. - Rt.; IV-VI taken on May 15th, 2016, Pentecost Sunday.)

Fr. Francis on his Mission in Brazil

Lead Talk: Sr. (Mrs) Mary Young, Secretary, Praesidium- Our Lady of China, Mother of Mercy_Challenges with Immigrants within Presidia

Reading by Alice Dabney


SESSION III: Lead Talks- 1. Don't Limit God; 2. Junior Praesidia (HandbookCh.36 #1) and Youth Groups;  3. Is Legion Work Challenging?

Discussion / Sharing

Srs. Christine and Maureen entered Cathedral of the Holy Cross through the Holy Door in this year of Mercy of the Lord, May 14th, 2016.

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